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The game of purchasing and selling things

What is it?

Wallagame is the most fun game of purchasing and selling second-hand things. You have dozens of objects available to buy and sell, both in the virtual store and other players. Win and invest Guilars and prosper as a salesman rising level. Already available for Android!

Download Wallagame! Already available for Android!

What does it offer?


Descripción diversión en Wallagame

In Wallagame you can have fun purchasing and selling second-hand things. Sharpen your business sense and make good purchases, and then sell with the highest possible profit margin.


Your profile

Descripción perfil personalizado en Wallagame

Do not go unnoticed and personalize your profile. Manage all your purchases and sales. Sell ​​and buy quickly with a single click from the lists of things in your profile.



Descripción niveles en Wallagame

Show your salesmanship skills and level up. The more stars your profile has, the higher the level. This will make you be able to opt for more expensive and more exclusive objects and things to be able to buy and sell. Your luck level will also rise.



Descripción misiones en Wallagame

If you want to level up you will have to overcome missions. Get all the objects of the mission to complete it. Get the juicy reward. You will never lose Guilars doing missions.



Descripción regalos en Wallagame

Do not lose the opportunities that life offers you. Every day you will have a free object. You can do whatever you want with the object, and even sell it at the price you want. Win Guilars!



Descripción Guilars en Wallagame

In Wallagame you buy and sell with a virtual currency called Guilars. The more Guilars you have the more stars your profile will have. Take advantage of your luck and win Guilars by playing minigames.